New for 2023: Fly-In Guest Zone

New this year: Fly-in Guest Zone

Welcome, private pilots! Fly in for our show!

A new feature at the KIA of Lake Charles Chennault International Airshow this year is a Fly-In Guest Zone — exclusively designated for small aircraft owners and pilots!

Fly in on the morning before either daytime performance (Saturday, May 20, or Sunday, May 21) and enjoy a full day at the Airshow — with performers overhead and fellowship with other aviation enthusiasts on the ground.

In addition to the safety and convenience of an exclusive private-pilot parking zone, you and your passengers will have full walk-around access to enjoy Airshow food trucks, beverage sales, souvenir stands and restrooms.

Chennault International Airport’s two-mile runway makes for the most convenient access you’ve ever experienced — then you taxi to the next available parking space (first come, first served) in the Fly-In Guest Zone.

Tickets are $75 per aircraft. Rules and restrictions apply.

Pilots are responsible for checking the NOTAM for air traffic information and arrival/departure procedures. Additional important information will be posted here as the Airshow nears.


Since numerous aircraft are expected to participate, and in order to facilitate your taxi to parking as well as facilitate a safe and uneventful weekend, please ensure you become familiar with the Chennault International Airport layout.

While in transit, and once you check in with Lake Charles Approach Control, please advise them you are landing at Chennault for the fly-in portion of the airshow. Please follow the same check in communications with the tower once handed over to tower.

Once on the ground, follow Chennault Ground Control instructions to the entrance of the fly-in area. Be advised that the fly-in parking area is grass, so plan accordingly.

Look for marshalers to help you find your parking location in the grass parking area on the south side of the ramp.

Tie-downs are required. They must be the claw or auger type — not the corkscrew type.

Upon exiting your airplane, all passengers must proceed to the check-in tent to obtain a wrist band. Wear the wristband that will be provided for the entirety of the event to ensure access back to the general aviation parking area.

Spectators will be allowed to walk through the aircraft parking area to admire your airplane and perhaps strike up aviation-related conversations, so please ensure your aircraft is made safe immediately upon arrival.

Your compliance with these procedures throughout the event is appreciated and will help make for a smooth and safe arrival as well as set the stage for an exciting weekend for you, your friends, family, and our community.

We look forward to hosting you here in Southwest Louisiana and at the Chennault International Airshow.



All arriving aircraft for the airshow will adhere to the following rules:

  • 23.1 All aircraft will follow taxi instructions provided by ground control until reaching the entrance of the parking area.
  • 23.2 Aircraft will hold short of the entrance to the parking area until met by a ground crew member who will direct them into the parking spot. No further clearance will be required from ground control from this point.
  • 23.3 All aircraft must follow instructions provided by members of the ground crew to the assigned parking space.
  • 23.4 No pedestrian traffic will be allowed in the parking area as long as engines are running on aircraft unless escorted by a member of the ground crew in the area. All pedestrians will follow a designated path to the area exit and no pedestrian traffic will be allowed into the area until all engines are stopped. Exceptions may be allowed if persons wanting to enter or exit the parking area are escorted by a member of the ground crew. Persons within the parking area wanting to visit other aircraft in the parking area may do so as long as no aircraft engines are running or, they are escorted to the area they wish to visit by a member of the ground crew.
  • 23.5 Once the show is started, no aircraft movement will be allowed in the parking area while under power. During this time, pedestrians may enter or exit the aircraft parking area freely until the end of the airshow.
  • 23.6 To ensure the safety of all people and due to the unpredictability of the weather, all aircraft must be tied down upon arrival and pilots must bring their own tie-downs. The tie-downs must be claw type or auger type, no corkscrew type allowed. Aircraft must be securely tied down for the entire stay.
    Pilots may opt to keep the aircraft in the parking area overnight (Saturday evening) but the pilots must vacate the airport.


All departing aircraft will adhere to the following rules:

  • 23.7 Aircraft engines shall not be started within the parking area as long as pedestrians are moving about in the area.
    (Note: All pedestrians or visitors must exit the parking area before aircraft can begin to move out.)
  • 23.8 Once the area is clear of pedestrians, pilots may start their engines and wait for ground crew escort for exit instructions.
  • 23.9 All aircraft exiting the parking area shall hold at the exit line and contact Chennault Ground Control when they are number one for departing the parking area.
  • 23.10 Aircraft exiting the parking area should not contact Chennault ground until they are number one in position to exit in order to eliminate any confusion.
  • 23.11 Ground crew personnel will be available to ensure there will be no pedestrians in the taxi area while aircraft are taxiing for takeoff.
    23.12 All aircraft parked in the fly-in parking must depart the area before 5 p.m. CT unless you plan to leave the aircraft in the parking area overnight.