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What is an airshow?

From supersonic-speed military jets to gravity-defying aerobatic acts to rocket-propelled trucks, parachutists, and a host of on-the-ground displays and activities, a day at the Airshow is a fantastic and memorable experience, whether you’re an avid aviation fan or just love a great show. Tens of millions of spectators attend air shows every year, and the air show industry represents one of the very largest, if not the largest, outdoor professional sports in North America. Moderately priced for families and individuals of all ages, this is one show you won’t want to miss–buy your tickets today!

When is the airshow?

April 28-30, 2017. Twilight show gates open at 6 p.m. on Friday. Saturday and Sunday Airshow gates open at 9 a.m. and close at 6 p.m. of the two-day show.

Can you give me a schedule of acts?

We list our acts but cannot give a specific schedule since schedules are finalized much closer to the Airshow and depend on availability and various conditions. Flying generally begins around 11:00 am and is continuous throughout the day. These times are subject to change without notice. More information may be found on our Event Information page.

Is the show the same for both Saturday and Sunday?

Generally, yes, the show is the same. However, there may be some variations depending on special aircraft which may make only a one-day fly-by appearance. To the best of our ability, any one-day variations will be indicated on the Featured Performers page. More information may be found on our Event Information page.

What are the radio frequencies used by the Airshow?

That information is not released to the general public.

Is there shade?

The Airshow is held under an open sky. You are encouraged to bring hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen lotion. Limited shade may be found under the wings of some static display aircraft. Umbrellas are discouraged except at the very rear of the viewing area to ensure that all visitors have a good view of the show. No tents or canopies are allowed.

Can I meet any of the pilots?

Yes! Many of the feature pilots and crew make themselves available before or after their performances to meet their audience. Many of the WWII-era and military crews are at their aircraft during static viewing times and are happy to answer questions and pose with you for photos. There is also an  Autograph Tent at the rear of the show area which offers the chance to meet the Airshow performers before or after their performances.

Do I need hearing protection (ear plugs)?

The Airshow strongly encourages you to bring and use proper hearing protection such as quality ear plugs, and especially so for children. The noise from the jet engines may be painful or harmful for some. This is especially true if you are viewing the show from the front line. Many vendors at the show sell earplugs at their booths for a small fee. For young children who may tend to play with and/or remove the foam type plugs, a suggested alternative is sound muffs (available in the gun section of most sporting goods stores, and generally available in children’s size). Please make your own choices on this matter and protect your hearing. 

What happens if it rains?

It takes more than a few drops of rain to stop the Chennault International  Airshow! The Airshow will take place – rain or shine both Saturday and Sunday. Airshow performers have high, low and flat routines to adapt to varying weather conditions. Schedules may be altered or delayed for periods of time if heavy rainfall occurs. All display aircraft, concessions and exhibits will be open regardless of weather.

Are first aid facilities on-site?

Yes, medical personnel will be on site and a first aid center will be open.

Is smoking allowed?

No. Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the ramp or in the grass parking areas. 


How do I get tickets?

Advance Tickets (for all types of seating) can be purchased online from our website at a discounted price. Certain tickets may also be purchased at the Airshow Admission gates. Visit our tickets page for more details.

Do I need to buy my children tickets?

Children 4 years old and under are free for General Admission only and do not need a ticket to enter. Children five years old and up must have a ticket to enter. For VIP or upgraded ticket options children of all ages are required to purchase a ticket. Please check our tickets page for additional information and current ticket prices.

What is the difference between General Admission tickets and President’s Chalet or Reserved Seating tickets?

General Admission tickets simply get you in the gate to the Airshow and you are responsible for your own seating during the show. The VIP Observation Deck Chalet provides many great benefits such as catered food and beverages throughout the day, and indoor and outdoor seating areas available. Flightline Viewing is reserved box seating right on the front line allowing you a great view of the show.  Visit our tickets page for more details.

What is Reserved Seating?

Reserved Seating seats are set up along the front line at show center and organized into “boxes” of 10. You will receive a coded wrist band that gives you in-out access to the seating area. Your assigned, numbered chairs are yours throughout the day and will remain reserved for you. The seating area also provides easy access to portable restroom facilities and selected commercial food and beverage vendors. Reserved box seats are $220 for 10 seats and everybody needs a ticket regardless of age.

Can I use my Saturday reserved tickets on Sunday instead? Can I use my Sunday reserved tickets on Saturday instead?

No. You must use the reserved President’s Chalet or Reserved Seating tickets for the day for which they are purchased. The reserved seating areas have assigned seats and the other day’s seats are already assigned to someone else.

Can I upgrade my General Admission tickets once I get there?

Yes, if space is available in that area. You may pay the difference in your ticket price to upgrade to the reserved seating area at the Airshow Admission gates. Once the upgrade is purchased, proceed to the VIP gateway inside the Airshow and present your ticket stub to receive your VIP wristband.

Do you offer military or senior citizen discounts?

No. The only ticket discounts that we offer are the advance purchase discounts available through the website up until the day before the Airshow.


How do I get to the Airshow?

Visit our Attending the Airshow page for more details or our Event Information page for a map.

Can I fly into the Airshow?

Yes! General Aviation pilots will have access to the airport during non-waivered airspace for the day or for the weekend. Admission will be charged and recommended to be paid in advance using online ticket sales. Pilots will be able to return to their aircraft after the show and airspace waiver is complete. NOTE: Buying tickets in advance is preferred and heavily recommended.

Where can I stay for the weekend?

There are many fine lodging facilities in Lake Charles to stay. Many offer special room deals during Airshow weekend. Be sure and book early! Visit our Area Lodging and Attractions page for details on participating hotels, and camping areas, as well as a link to online booking of many of these facilities.


How much is parking?

Parking is $1.00.

Is there Handicapped Parking?

Yes. You must have a handicapped plate or tag in the car and make sure the parkers flagging your car are aware of your handicapped status. They will direct you to the handicapped parking areas. Handicapped parking is limited and is on a first-come-first-served basis. Please arrive early to insure a parking spot. More information may be found on our Services for the Disabled page. A map to these areas may be found on the Event Information page.

Is there parking for motorcycles?

Yes. All vehicles will be accommodated as best as possible. Please arrive early to ensure a parking spot.

May we camp overnight on the air show grounds?

Camping or overnight parking is not available.

Can we watch the show from our car in the parking lot?

No. Even if you have purchased tickets, you must leave your vehicle and view the show from inside the Airshow grounds. This rule is due to a FAA safety regulation involving the performance area.

Can I go out to my car and re-enter the Airshow?

Yes, keep your ticket stub and get your hand stamped as you exit.


Can I bring a scooter/wheelchair/golf cart?

Motorized scooters and wheelchairs for disabled patrons are allowed in the Airshow grounds; personal golf carts are not allowed. Please be aware that the crowds may be heavy and maneuvering may be difficult, and that there is no place at the show to plug in and “recharge.” More information may be found on our Services for the Disabled page.

Can I bring a lawn chair or blanket?

Yes! There is no seating included with your General Admission ticket and guests are invited to bring a lawn chair or blanket to sit. However, no tents, large umbrellas, or canopies are allowed. NOTE: Shuttle buses cannot accommodate wagons, large strollers, or chairs that cannot be collapsed and carried on board.

Can I bring my own food and drink?

No. There are many different food and drink vendors available at the show, with most being run by charitable groups as fundraisers. Complimentary water is available at several locations marked with a “WATER” banner.

What are recommended items to bring to the Airshow?

Portable chairs, strollers, cameras, sunscreen, ear plugs, blankets and handheld umbrellas are items air show veterans tend to pack.

What items are prohibited from being brought into the Airshow?

The following items are prohibited from the Airshow grounds: coolers, loose ice, cans, glass, alcohol, pets, weapons of any kind, tents, awnings, cooking/barbecue equipment.  Please note cooking and barbequing equipment are not allowed in the parking lots (for example, you are not allowed to barbeque in the parking lot for lunch).

Why are there restrictions on coolers, large bags, and totes?

The FAA and Department of Homeland Security have required us to enforce these rules for your safety. You will be on airport grounds. This is a rule common to all airports, major airshows, and events in the U.S.

Can I bring a stroller or wagon for my kids?

Yes, strollers or small wagons are allowed. Please limit any diaper bags to the smallest you can manage. All items will be searched by security personnel at the gates and they have the final say on what is allowed in. NOTE: Shuttle buses cannot accommodate wagons, large strollers, or chairs that cannot be collapsed and carried on board.

Are cameras allowed?

Yes, cameras for personal use are allowed. Your camera bags will be checked by gate security upon entry. Remember that the Airshow performance and many performers’ acts are copyrighted, and your photography or video cannot be used for commercial purposes. Exclusive photography area on the flight line during the show is available with the Photo Tour, please see the tickets page for more details!

Are pets allowed?

Pets are not allowed onto the Airshow area and should not be left in vehicles. Service animals are allowed. Please also understand that temperatures on the tarmac area can easily reach in excess of 120 degrees and will burn a pet’s feet, plus the loud noises can injure their sensitive hearing and/or frighten the animals.

Do vendors and concessions take credit cards?

Food and drink vendors are cash-only. Some of the souvenir vendors may take credit cards. There are ATM machines available for obtaining cash.

Is there an ATM on the site?

Yes, there are several ATM located near the main entrance, concession tents, and other areas.